Are you are looking to start or continue your career with a company that’s exciting, fast paced and growing? One in which you will have a chance to make immediate impact? Does the opportunity to be a part of truly global company working on the latest hot technologies sounds appealing to you?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Annuk Incorporated is the new, growing, widely acclaimed provider of management and technology consulting services and solutions. Our Company is reinventing itself to become the market maker, architect and builder of the new economy, delivering innovations that are constantly improving way the companies operate. We are working hard to bring a strong sense of commitment and loyalty based on our strong value system that has been guiding us ever since.

We hope that you’ll find Annuk a great place to start or continue your career. Feel free to Contact Us about Career Opportunities.

Annuk is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports workforce Diversity.

Career Opportunities – Annuk has lot of opportunities waiting for you and we want to assure you that your career will definitely be enhanced with new training and hands on experience. When you’re ready to join our team, not only will you be able to feel great about the people and philosophy of our company, you’ll also find that we have comprehensive benefits and plenty of opportunities for you to grow with us. You’ll team with the best in the business to assist companies from our unparalleled client list – from start-ups to the world’s leading companies.

We hope that you’ll find Annuk a great place to start or continue your career. Feel free to Contact Us about our current Available Opportunities.

Career Opportunities Available:

  1. Permanent Positions
  2. Internships
  3. Summer Internships

Available Opportunities – We are constantly looking for experienced professionals, who are determined to make difference in their lives.

Presently, we are looking for following locations: Washington, DC Metro Area (USA)

  1. Senior .Net Developer
  2. Database Administrators
  3. Java Developer
  4. Program Manager (Federal Practice)
  5. Senior Perl Programmer
  6. Senior Developer (Front End Emphasis)
  7. Senior Developer (Back End Emphasis)
  8. Senior Graphic Designer
  9. Internet Research Analyst (Financial Background)
  10. .Net Developer
  11. Team leader
  12. Product Architect

Professional Development – We provide comprehensive hands-on experience under watchful eyes of our skilled professionals, who can help you to gain the knowledge and enhance specialized abilities. Our people are always there to help the newcomers and to help assimilate in the company’s environment. As well as they can offer you testimonials of what the company’s growth abilities are and that it’s worth it to stick around.

For experienced professionals, we work with them to build their solid career and area expertise. All the Professionals in company set their career goals and with full cooperation of company resources, we make sure that every single professional succeed with us. Our wide range of career paths gives experienced professionals full choice and bright future.

College Recruiting – College gives us a comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the areas of our interests, and our company is looking for young graduates, who are willing to enhance their career path by getting the most compatible work experience with the assistance of our training experts. We try to step forward and offer all various options that our graduates can choose from.

Are you ready to incorporate your skills and knowledge? Be sure to contact us with specific questions if you are interested to know about our college recruiting program. The first step however is to send your resume and field in which you want to excel with us. You only need to send one résumé, even if you’re interested in multiple positions or different locations. We will match your qualifications with the open positions you want.

Internships – If you’re interning at Annuk you’re working toward a great career! We are a growing company and we are looking for new graduates or students to join our internship program. You’ll find that Annuk offers a great way to get your career started. The experience you’ll earn here will be a valuable asset to you as a graduate or student. If you are up to a challenge that is both rewarding and valuable then let us know.