If your organization is still dealing with paper-based timesheets and cumbersome expense reports, or if you are looking for an affordable solution that can be implemented organization-wide, then TES (Annuk’s Time & Expense system) is the perfect solution. We provide customers a turnkey solution with options of having TES licensed version or hosting solution. TES user interface is so simple that almost no training is needed. Users can enter time & expense via web interface from any computer with internet. Supervisors can approve time & expenses via approval module. Multiple levels of approvers can be assigned in the application. Administrators can manage application parameters and default values according to the organization needs.

1.Description of product

Managing timesheets has never been easier – you can quickly and easily manage time & expense for your organization with Annuk “Time & Expense System”. It is a web based system which employees can use to fill time & expenses anywhere and at any time. You can track the Time and Expenses spent by your employees on different tasks, initiatives and projects. You can analyze the Time and Expense data in multiple ways with its robust reporting. You can also build cost centers, locations, projects, different type of efforts within projects and more for intensive reporting at a later time.


You can see what initiatives and efforts your employees are spending their time on and with which clients they are interacting. The system can help you effectively manage risks and budgets of the projects. You also have the option of weekly or daily Timesheet views with inbuilt approval system. Customized reports can be built depending upon time & expense reporting needs.

2. Features

  • Annuk Time & Expense is fully web based, and accessible from any place in the world using only an internet browser.
  • Keeps track of time and cost for multiple Projects and multiple Clients.
  • Time can be entered with comments. View of timesheets can be switched between daily & weekly views.
  • Users can set templates which can be used each week to fill timesheets.
  • In-built approval system for time and expense. Projects & initiatives can be set for daily or weekly approvals. Managers can approve or disapprove time & expenses in the system. Also, comments can be written while approving/disapproving to communicate clearly and effectively with team members.
  • Multiple managers can be set for approval of timesheets and expenses with 1st and 2nd level of approvals.
  • Previous week timesheets and expenses can be copied with just one button click.
  • Quick access to timesheets for the whole fiscal year.
  • Option to freeze time and expense for quarters.
  • In-built administration module to control and customize the default values for the application.
  • User management section in administration module for quick & easy management of users.
  • Robust reporting functionality. Customize reports can be easily built on its strong relational database.
  • Track employee utilization, and time & expense spent on various projects & initiatives.


  • Rapid setup and implementation – you will be using the system within a few hours not days.
  • Browser based – no client software required. Anytime anywhere access via internet.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Little or no training required.
  • Multi-user system which allows simultaneous processing.
  • User can record multiple time and expense items for multiple projects and initiatives.
  • Able to store comments and details of time and expense entered which allows managers to effectively monitor and review time without long & time consuming follow ups.
  • User can customize the view of timesheets between daily and weekly views.
  • In built approval system allows managers to effectively communicate with team members on submitted time and expense.
  • Multiple users can be set in system for approvals eliminating unapproved time or expense in the system due to unavailability of approving user.
  • User can copy and submit timesheet with click of button in case assigned on same assignment/task as previous week.
  • Quick access to timesheets & expenses for the whole fiscal year.
  • Customize application with your own default values for the application.
  • Easy user management module built in the system with user friendly web interface.
  • Robust reporting with pre-built and customized reports. Some of quick reporting examples:
      • Calculate user vacation with click of button.
      • View time and expense for cost center with click of button. Perform further analysis by providing date range to your reports.

4.Technical Information

  • Built on robust .Net framework.
  • Backend – MS SQL Server 2000.

For our hosting services:
Server Features:

  • High performance dual-processor Intel Xeon webservers.
  • RAID fault-tolerant hot swap disk storage.

Infrastructure Features:

  • Cisco 7200 series core routers.
  • Multi-homed, redundant network featuring tier-1 Gigabit and OCx Internet connections.
  • Daily data backups.
  • Diesel generator and UPS battery backup.
  • Redundant data center cooling and climate control systems.

5.Licensing & Pricing
We are committed to our customers. To best suit your needs we suggest to our customers to contact our account managers for licensing & pricing.

Our hosting solution for Time and Expense system is,

Initial setup fee – $88 (One time for account setup)
Monthly Cost

Numbers of Users Cost per User Hosting & Maintenance
1-5 $12 $45
6-25 $10 $48
26-50 $8 $51
51-100 $7.50 $55
101-250 $7 $60
More than 250 $6 $67

6.Training & Support


We provide online and in house training for all the user groups of the application. In our past experience, we are able to cover all the training in a single day. With one hour session, users find themselves very comfortable and comments like, “This is no brainier” are often to hear. We are in process to publish self based training courses for most of our products. Our built in comprehensive FAQ’s are usually more than enough for users to work on the system.


In built FAQ’s in the system which covers most of the user questions. For any additional support issues, please email at [email protected]
Also, you can contact your account manager for immediate phone support.

Does your help desk have tickets that cannot be resolved? Or tickets that do not belong to the IT department? Or you are waiting for the management to respond to a ticket and delayed response from the management is increasing your average closing time for tickets? We have a perfect solution for companies facing these common problems. Not only is it a single web interface for managing all the tickets but also, helps in resolving similar customer issues by grouping them in a single ticket. Users can enter the ticket and check status online. Annuk Help Desk gives all the features that customers always wanted.

In today’s changing environment, it’s very critical to have change management system which can hold all the information to manage the transition effectively and communicate among all the parties. It allows organization to have more rapid and efficient management of small changes or those with a low impact on the IT organization. With simple and straight forward thinking we are able to launch a successful tool. Change management system provides robust functionality to add, search and perform reporting on changes. In built approval process allows only approved changes to get implemented in the organization.


You can add, assign or search issues with Annuk’s Issue management system. Issue management system allows users to add multiple tasks to an issue and manage all the information related to the tasks. You can also manage issues with priority, start & end dates, deadlines, and impact level. The system provides robust reporting functionality to manage issues in the system. There is also administrator functionality to easily manage users and default customers accounts. Issue and Task management are the core modules and work closely with each other. Seamless integration of these two modules can be done in half a day.

Are you constantly challenged to manage your team’s tasks? Or often think of a centralized system where everyone’s tasks can be stored and status updated. Task management system is a web based solution with options to buy license or use Annuk’s hosting solution. You can manage user tasks with priority, start & end dates, deadlines, and impact level. You can also add time log to particular tasks or attach files for detailed information. Task management system is built with robust functionalities of searching, categorization and reporting, giving managers enough time to concentrate on business rather than maintain tasks information data.